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about me

I’m Tonya Nikole, owner and photographer at Simply You Boudoir. I’m a single mama to the most loving little boy. a self love advocate. book nerd. tech nerd. Hula hooping naturalist that strives to empower all women through the art of boudoir photography. I believe that boudoir is the ultimate form of empowerment for us , as women. Its an experience that can truly change our lives and our outlook on our bodies. Society puts so much pressure on women to look, act, and be a certain way. I created Simply You Boudoir with the intentions of breaking those stigmas and helping women to see the beauty in their imperfections. Sometimes the best way to appreciate your life , your body and your outlook on yourself is to see it from a different perspective because you are truly perfect just the way you are

-let me help show you.

xoxo Tonya Nikole

Featured in Surreal Beauty Magazine / Inked Girls Magazine / Tattoo'd lifestyle Magazine / Whimsy / Boudoir /  AIBP Featured Photographer / Best of 2015  / /  Lace In / Niche Models & Talent / Amax Talent / Dollhouse Agency / Spartan / Best of Queensberry 2014/2015 book / Fuse Mag