Simply You Boudoir's Custom Albums | Clarksville TN Boudoir

So I have finally gotten around to taking some sample images of the albums we offer. ( not the best photos but they get the point across) If you aren't familiar with our products I have left a description underneath each photo.

Simply You Boudoir |

This is our top selling album, the 6x6 Custom Album. It can hold up to 22 images which includes two full spreads! Also the cover is customizable, so you can put a picture or a cute saying.  I think this album has been so popular because of its price and how petite and easy to store it is.


This is my personal favorite the 8x8 Custom Hardcover Album. I love this product because you can custom design your layouts as well as personalize every page if you wanted to, you can even put an image on the front cover! This album can hold up to 25 images including spreads and multiples on a page. 

Simply You Boudoir |

This is our 10x10 Custom Hardcover album. Its almost exactly like the 8x8, the only differences are its size and it can hold 30 images. This album is for the ultimate bombshells,! and i also included in out top collection.

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